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Probably a broken spring. Look for a space in the garage door spring.

Do not try to run the opener or lift by hand. Unplug the opener and call for service.

There is likely a problem with the eye sensors. There is one sensor at the bottom of the door on each side. Check both for any obstructions or dirt, check that they are pointing at each other (sometimes they get bumped!), and finally, check all wire connections.

If the problem persists, give us a call. We might be able to troubleshoot over the phone, or we can schedule service to inspect the door in person.

You should be able to close the door by pressing and holding the wall button until the door is closed and turned off.

Use extreme caution! Do not attempt to open or close the garage door. Instead, just unplug the opener. The door can be easily repaired if it is left as is; if you try to force it up or down, it will damage many parts and result in a costly repair or even a complete replacement.

The internal drive system is stripped out. Depending on the age and manufacturer, some drive systems can be replaced. Most of the time, we recommend replacing the unit with a Genie professional unit with a lifetime warranty on the drive train.

There are many moving parts on your door and opener that need regular lubrication. Feeling handy? Stop in our showroom! We have special lubricants for doors and openers, and we can show you where and how to apply them. Don't have the time to take care of it? For a reasonable service fee, we can come and do it for you, along with inspecting all parts of the door and opener.

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